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Hiring an Investigator

Do you want the best possible quality of work carried out in respect of the investigation you would like undertaken? Do you want to ensure that the information has been obtained lawfully and therefore in a manner that will be acceptable and valuable if and when your issue results in a court hearing?

Or do you want the cheapest investigator, whose quality of work will always be in question, and whose methods may result in sanction and unnecessary costs laid upon you at court? Or even in YOUR appearing in court to answer charges relating to your servant’s activities – as is so often the case? The Office for the Information Commissioner is actively prosecuting investigators and clients who abuse the law to obtain information. Can YOU take that risk through use of a cheap service? You wouldn’t pay a cheap lawyer – so why consider the risks of using a cheap investigator?

All IPI members, identified by the nominative MIPI or FIPI, have proved to their peers, through objectively assessed and obtained academic and professional qualifications, that they know what they are doing, will always act ethically and correctly, and will always justify their costs.

Ensure the quality and probity of your results by looking for and using a qualified professional such as those recognised by the Institute of Professional Investigators.