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Dr Eddie Bliss
BSc (Hons), PhD, CMS, CHE, MRPharmS, MIPI, MABI

Forensic Pharmacologist.

I have 14 years’ experience as an expert witness in UK courts, providing both written reports and oral evidence in more than 250 cases, instructed by the CPS and other arms of the Crown including police forces, Marine Accident Investigation Branch, Coroners and other similar organisations, as well as direct to solicitors and counsel. Routinely provide independent evidence re all aspects of drug, pharmacological, pharmaceutical or prescribing matters.

I have advanced knowledge of drug action & my current drug related expertise relates to •How drugs act •How the body responds to drugs •In the body - how drugs are transported & eliminated •doping in sport •club drugs •social drugs •poisoning •“designer drugs”

• Cases involving poisoning with chemicals or drugs; suspicious deaths & homicides.
• Drug interactions & side effects, especially re psychiatric & criminal behaviour.
• Drugs suspected of having compromised a prosecution’s claim of mens rea.
• Designer & club drugs; psychedelic agents; “back-street chemistry”.
• Drugs & doping allegations in relation to national sport [prosecution as well as defence].
• Pharmacology & Drug therapeutics – any aspect.

Previously presented expert evidence on the following:
• Investigating the presence of performance enhancing substances in athletes’ body fluids
• Effect of alcohol on performance enhancing substances in athletes (Tribunals)
• Effect of drugs on behaviour (criminal trials)
• Criminal drug factories
• Investigation of possible medical negligence (Coroners Courts)
• Inadvertent ingestion of psychoactive drugs (criminal cases)
• Investigation of allegation of drug-facilitated date rape
• Herbs, herbals and “legal highs”
• Prescribing errors. Allegations of medical negligence (medico-legal; civil claims)
• Pharmacy dispensing errors; alleged negligence (civil trials).
• Professional witness: evidence of [denied] cohabitation, following investigation; civil trials.

Member of the Institute of Professional Investigators

Contact member:
Dr Eddie Bliss  MIPI

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