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Radar Detectives

Scali del Corso, 5

Telephone: 0039 0586 219094
Mobile: 39 335 6360107

I have been the Director of Radar Detectives since 1986, the Firm was founded by my father, a former General in the Italian Carabinieri. During his career he headed important intelligence operations and worked with intelligence operations at the American Setaf bases here in Italy.

Since we established our firm, we have worked for numerous companies, legal chambers adn insurance companies providing large scale services, even of a delicate nature, both in Italy and abroad. We also operate in investigations of criminal law and often act as witnesses in Court as the result of our investigations.
We provide our clients with guarantees as to how their case will be investigated, with regard to: manpower, approach, technological resources and investigative techniques.
We cover the whole Italy. Islands too(Sardinia, Elba Island, Sicily).

RADAR DETECTIVES combines a series of decisive factors for the successful achievement of its goals:

Government licence which authorize the firm to conduct regular investigations and obtain information while respecting the laws in force:

Skills and functions which allow us greater specialization in specific areas such as those concerning the acquisition of evidence,the provision of information of a technical investigative nature, often crucial for taking important decisions and/or shedding light on the dynamics of an incident.

Native English speaking staff;

Experience of manager, formerly a member of the Carabinieri police force;

specialized, state of the art equipment;

Own database and software created specifically for the elaboration and administration of the tasks performed;

Documented, up-to-date reports complete with photographic and video records;

Constant contact with clients in order to keep them informed of the progress of assignments and give them the opportunity to consider future actions to be undertaken;

Operations carried out by own personnel without involving third parties in order to safeguard the quality and high professional level of our work, as well as the privacy and confidentiality of the clients;

Affiliation to the most important Associations which constantly study the phenomenon of fraud and theft (in fact, Alberto Biancofiore is a member of IAMI (International Association of Marine Investigators), IASIU (International Association of Special Investigation Units), IPI (Institute of Professional Investigators U.K.), ABI(Association of British Investigators, WAD(Wad World Association of Detectives) and FEDERPOL Italy(Italian Investigators).

We are also well introduced for supporting firms with technical credit reports for debt recovery. We have in our Country in-depth sources able to trace important information for Legal proceedings.

Pre-employment information
Work absenteeism
Counterfeit of industrial brands, models and products
partner and collaborator unfaithfulness
Unfair competition and know-how safeguard
test purchases
Counterespionage and industrial antisabotage
”Due Diligence” investigations

Frad Investigations
Specific consultancy in the field of prevention and control of theft
Targeted and in-depth inquiries concerning “fraudulent claims
Interviews adn statements
Witness location
Loss Prevention
Loss Investigations
Cargo Theft Investigations

Litigation Support.

Member of the Institute of Professional Investigators

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Mr Alberto Biancofiore  MIPI

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