Tracing Course

For professional investigators, the ability to find someone for a client, or to ascertain things about that that can assist in that objective is a n essential skill. Despite this being a valuable talent, many investigators over-rely on their access to official databases that can be unreliable, or on their initiative. Investigators new to the field really need help on finding out where to start; and those members of the public who want to find some old friends could do with some advice too.

With those objectives in mind, the Institute of Professional Investigators is pleased to offer its internet-based training course, ‘Tracing for Investigators’.

The course is based upon the Institute’s publication ‘Tracing: An Investigators Guide to Finding Wanted and Missing Persons’, but with challenging tests and exercises included that are intended to direct and develop the student, or even the professional investigator who is new to this essential investigatory specialism, towards competence in the tracing field.

Students will look at

  • the ‘philosophy’ of missing person investigations;
  • the methodology of the trace investigation, including the basic use of social media to find out where your subject is;
  • how to report the results of the investigation and;
  • perhaps most important, the ethics and legalities of trace investigations.

Students engaging in the course will receive a free PDF copy of the Tracing book included as part of the course, itself valued at £75**.
Go to for more details.

**This will be made available 14 days after beginning the Course.


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