Tracing - An Investigators Guide to Finding Wanted and Missing Persons

Person Tracing Manual

An Investigators Guide To Finding Wanted and Missing Persons

By David C Palmer FIPI   F.Inst.L.Ex

Investigations into tracing missing persons are taking place constantly - at professional and amateur levels, within and outside the legal sphere. They are done for a number of reasons, but the methodology is principally the same.

This book is intended to aid those whose work, or interest, lies in finding people. It is a guide to the methods and the legalities surrounding what can be very interesting work, the resolution of a puzzle which is not overly affected in its solving by evidential restrictions. It is also intended to address investigations into those persons who are lost either through time, or through a decision to go missing as a result of excessive pressures, legal, sociological and psychological.

It is not intended to find kidnapped people, or genuine 'missing' persons who have gone missing as a result of mental illness. In it's pages, investigators will be provided with advice on how to solve the riddle of a missing or wanted person enquiry: the definitions which apply, and which may direct their enquiries; the techniques of asking questions and developing information from documentary evidence; details of resources that they need to utilise in order to solve their riddles; and much more besides. Such guidance is rare. The majority of books on this subject are published in the United States, with a bias towards their methods and availability of information - methods and information that simply aren't available to British investigators.

About the author
David Palmer is a practising criminal investigator, serving in the Police Force, and having at one time taken responsibility for the tracing of wanted persons in his area of operations. He achieved Fellowship of The Institute of Professional Investigators with his thesis on the process of a missing or wanted persons investigation.

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