The Institute of Professional Investigators


The management of the Institute is vested in a Board of Governors (see right) elected at the Annual General Meeting.

IPI Members are required to adhere to the Institute’s code of ethics.

Code of Ethics

I promise

  • To conduct myself with Honesty, Integrity and uphold the highest Moral Principles and avoid conduct detrimental to my Profession
  • To conduct all investigations within the bounds of Legality, Morality and Professional Ethics
  • To guard my own Professional reputation and that of my Professional Associates
  • To uphold the Objects of the Institute and abide by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of The Institute of Professional Investigators Ltd

The Board of Governors

2018-2019 Officers

Richard Cumming FIPI

John Bateman MIPI

Board Members
Brian Collins MIPI
Steve Smith MIPI (co-opted)
Glyn Evans MIPI (co-opted)

Secretary General
Glyn Evans MIPI

John G Grant
Ian Hopkins

Life Members
John Black
Roger Bunting
Hamish Cole
Stephen Grant
Ruth Hoffmann
Ian Hopkins
Peter H Jones
Alan Marr
David Palmer
Peter J Robinson
Simon Smith
Brian Walker


Past Principals
1976-1979 J G Grant
1979-1982 M W Thomson* 
1982-1983 B C Peachman* 
1983-1984 D E Byrne
1984-1985 V N Carratu* 
1985-1987 I M Young
1987-1989 P J Robinson
1989-1990 J D Cole* 
1990-1995 P H Jones
1995-1997 H D Cole
1997-1999 S J Grant
1999-2001 A J Marr
2001-2003 D C Palmer
2003-2006 Ian Hopkins*
2006-2009 Nicola Amsel
2009-2010 Ian Hopkins*
2010-2014 David Palmer
2014-2017 James Harrison-Griffiths*
2017-2019 Brendan Tolan*


* Deceased