Institute of Professional Investigators

Since 1976, the Institute of Professional Investigators has sought to encourage and promote its members to achieve and maintain a high standard of professionalism whilst engaged in their investigative activities. Our organisation is the only “Institute” within the private investigation sector in the United Kingdom. We consider our membership to be truly representative of the investigation sector. The management of the Institute is vested in a Board of Governors consisting of elected participants.


To promote the recognition of investigation as a profession by government, law and the public.

The management of the Institute is vested in a Board of Governors (see right) elected at the Annual General Meeting.

IPI Members are required to adhere to the Institute’s code of ethics.

Code of Ethics

I promise

  • To conduct myself with Honesty, Integrity and uphold the highest Moral Principles and avoid conduct detrimental to my Profession
  • To conduct all investigations within the bounds of Legality, Morality and Professional Ethics
  • To guard my own Professional reputation and that of my Professional Associates
  • To uphold the Objects of the Institute and abide by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of The Institute of Professional Investigators Ltd

Definition of a Professional Investigator

For Institute purposes a professional investigator is defined as “Any person who is engaged, fully or part-time in a paid capacity in either the private or public sector,

(a) in investigatory activities as defined by Section 4(1), Schedule 2 of the Private Security Industry Act 2001, or

(b) in criminal investigations, or

(c) in the investigation of accidents of events that may give rise to legal action


who, whilst predominantly engaged in another occupation, has extensive, provable 5 involvement in activities equivalent to the aforementioned classes of investigation and who can satisfy the Admissions Committee that they comply with all legal, professional and ethical rules that govern the way in which those activities are undertaken.

The Board of Governors

2018-2019 Officers

Richard Cumming FIPI

Board Members
John Bateman MIPI
Brian Collins MIPI
Glyn Evans MIPI (co-opted)
Steve Smith MIPI (co-opted)

Secretary General
Glyn Evans MIPI

John G Grant
Ian Hopkins

Life Members
John Black
Roger Bunting
Hamish Cole
Stephen Grant
Ruth Hoffmann
Ian Hopkins
Peter H Jones
Alan Marr
David Palmer
Peter J Robinson
Simon Smith
Brian Walker


Past Principals
1976-1979 J G Grant
1979-1982 M W Thomson* 
1982-1983 B C Peachman* 
1983-1984 D E Byrne
1984-1985 V N Carratu* 
1985-1987 I M Young
1987-1989 P J Robinson
1989-1990 J D Cole* 
1990-1995 P H Jones
1995-1997 H D Cole
1997-1999 S J Grant
1999-2001 A J Marr
2001-2003 D C Palmer
2003-2006 Ian Hopkins*
2006-2009 Nicola Amsel
2009-2010 Ian Hopkins*
2010-2014 David Palmer
2014-2017 James Harrison-Griffiths*
2017-2019 Brendan Tolan*


* Deceased

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