By David C Palmer FIPI   F.Inst.L.Ex

The newly revised, 2018 Edition covers all the practical and legal knowledge required to obtain the ProQual “Level 3 Award in Investigations”, the minimum standard of qualification accepted by the SIA for issue of its Private Investigators licence, which is expected to be a legal requirement – and much more.

Taking the reader from basic ethics through generic investigation methodology and finally to specific types of investigation, the Manual will show how to exercise basic administrative and operational practices so as to be able to mount and complete a high quality investigation for a client, or for the public. 

Written by a practising and professional investigator, and starting with a ‘template’ methodology that causes the reader to think like a professional, the reader will find that the basic practices described in this book can be applied to any kind of enquiry. There is no other book like it! Many books describe ‘investigations’ but none are as thorough in describing the thought processes and operational needs behind an investigation. Its contents include instruction on 

  • dealing with clients
  • preparing interviews of all kinds
  • taking statements
  • assembling and managing evidence 
  • writing reports 
  • tracing
  • corporate enquiries
  • criminal investigation from the prosecution AND defence perspectives 
  • process serving
  • traffic collision investigation
  • Data Protection Act

… and more. 

Learn to be an investigator the right way – by using the knowledge, experience and standards of the members of the Institute of Professional Investigators!

This is an electronic book and will be emailed to the customer in Adobe pdf format

About the author
David Palmer is a practising criminal investigator, serving in the Police Force, and having at one time taken responsibility for the tracing of wanted persons in his area of operations. He achieved Fellowship of The Institute of Professional Investigators with his thesis on the process of a missing or wanted persons investigation.